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What Amazon Says:

When the author was struggling with loss, illness, oppression and a perpetual cycle of anxiety attacks and phases of depression, she spent day and night stabbing keys.

And out poured poetry.

When the abyss spat her out she strung together those mutilated verses and compiled this book for the world to read what it feels like when you are swinging between sanity and insanity


My Review:

To say this book of poetry is a must read would be putting it lightly. N.F. Mirza takes you on a journey through the ups and downs of life, mainly her life. She has included artwork that she herself has drawn, which gives the book a nice touch.

“Swinging Sanity” is broken up into five separate sections, each one taking you through that particular phase of her life, survival between sanity and it’s other half. My favorite poem (I warn you, it will be hard to choose), is “Just Like a Drop of Water.” It has such a deep meaning and yet is so relatable to anyone who reads it.

As the book goes on, Mirza’s emotions are clearly shown, as she speaks of Love & Loss, and Day & Night, then ends her verses with Random Reflections. From losing her coffee cup in “Dude! Where Is My Coffee?”, or the poem, “Blue” where she is trying to decide if it’s better to be a leaf or the ocean, N.F. Mirza carries you along with her through the highs and lows, until you can’t help but rally around this woman, and silently encourage her to keep going, and never give up!

“Swinging Sanity” is a book I will read again. And I highly recommend you read it, too. To be able to put yourself out there for the world to see, takes guts. And this book has plenty of it! I look forward to reading more from this wonderful poet.

My Rating 

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Author Page: N. F. Mirza
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Twitter: @NFMirza

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