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Try to get it done, he says
When you are at home
Not enough hours, nor ways
But still I never moan
(Well, hardly)

How hard is it to understand
It’s really not so easy
All this work, takes its toll
Makes me rather queasy
(And gnarly)

I’ve many heated exchanges
There’s nothing cool about it
So the neighbors don’t think I’m nuts
I try to never shout it
(Stop it!)

Wipe the brow, with a towel
Another one to wash
I really wish there was a way
For laundry to be quashed
(Drop it!)

Oh, those lousy moody ways
I get when he’s around
Can’t he find another place to flop
Like on the ground!
(Oy vey)

Instead he lingers over me
A cat about to pounce
Sorry, babe, not tonight
I couldn’t care an ounce
(Go away!)

He mopes about, a wounded soul
Yep the hubby’s got it tough
Wonder how he’d feel
If he had it, oh, this rough!
(Le sigh)

Okay, maybe I’m being too hard
He’s really not the cause (uh huh)
But, oh, the pain he suffers
Brought about by men-o-pause
(Poor guy)


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0