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“Here me now, my mighty king! This sword I raise to your memory! Would doth come back to us should we pray louder? We are but noble servants to this kingdom, a kingdom lost without its leader. I ask this, for the people, that you return, to once again lead us, make this realm the grandest in the land. Teach the young ones the glory of the sword, this sword that you used to conquer the less mighty, until that fateful day, when at last, the sword breathed no more. I stand before the brick of thy castle, in the hopes the spirits within, will find it in their souls to release you from these walls. Can you hear me, my mighty king?! I ask you to answer we, who have gathered to see you once again. Speak to us!”

“George…For Pete’s sake!! The whole neighborhood can hear you. Pretty sure the king is in hiding with all this publicity. Come inside, now, dinner is ready.”

“Yes, dear”

And with that, George returned his trusty sword to its case, now lying in wait for the return of the king..

To be continued…


©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent – Blade