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Beauty knows no certain path, it winds about and returns. I found myself lost in an almost labyrinth of roses and lavender, in full bloom, permeating my senses. The decadent scent left me feeling heady and light, at the same time. How I wished I could keep these feeling with me all the time.

Journeying, first to the right, then left, and finally ahead of me, if I turned around, I always found myself in the center. Perchance, is this exactly how my life was meant to be, always centered? Yet, the need to explore further beyond the garden, had me off kilter. A very odd feeling, one I didn’t quite understand. Yet.

Deciding to follow the left path beyond the marked ending of it, I walked into the brush of untamed branches, trees, who had been allowed to wander where they may. Yes, I thought, this is me, wandering where I may, with no one stopping me. And then I thought again, that leaves me with no end in sight. Not what I wanted, so I headed back.

Deciding to follow the right path, I found myself in a desolate part of the beautiful gardens. Here, things had been cut back, leaving only space for the few roses, the bushy lavenders to spread out a bit, but not too much as to overwhelm their surroundings. Not where I wanted to be, so back I went.

Deciding on the path in front of me, I found myself in the open air, no trees, no flowers, no nothing. It was just space. Behind me was a lush garden oasis, in front of me, desert like lands, incapable of sustaining any kind of life force. I definitely knew this was not where I wanted to be. So once again, I headed back, and that’s when it hit me.

No matter what path I took, if I turned about and headed back, I always wound up at the center of it all. A big beautiful rose tree was my foundation on this Earth. It allowed me to walk any path I wanted, but always made sure I found my way back. How delightful!

I guess you’re wondering about the path I came in on, the one behind me? I didn’t travel that one again. It would only lead to where I had already been. I knew, for sure,  that wasn’t where I wanted to go. Therefore, I took up residence in the middle of the garden paths, sat myself under the rose bush and blue sky, soaked in the rays of sunlight and breathed in the scents of the surrounding beauty. Perhaps, there really is a Heaven on Earth…

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent – Fragrant