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Most of us do things from our phones these days.  But what do you do when your phone won’t cooperate?  Here’s my dilemma.  I get a lot of emails from the bloggers I follow on WordPress.  I have a Yahoo account they go to.  At certain times during the day, every email that comes through doesn’t allow to like or comment on a blog post.  It tells me I need to log in (which I am) and when I try again, it still won’t let me do anything.  Is it Yahoo or WordPress causing this?

The posts I get at 2AM, which are all the digests, I have no trouble with, unless I try to open them at 10AM.  Then, you guessed it.  It says I’m not following the blogger and I need to log in.

Does anyone else have this trouble?  I don’t always have time during the day to read blogs, so if I’m sitting in a doctor’s office, or worse yet, the inspection station line,  I want to be able to do my blogging!!  Now, you’re probably thinking, why doesn’t she just use the reader?   Because not all of you show up in it!!!  It’s terrible.  Reminds of Facebook.  You see the same 5 or 6 bloggers and the rest are lost in word land.

So…any ideas, tips, rescues, anything at all??  I’m really getting annoyed about this whole mess. I just want to be able to read everyone’s blogs!!