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Every year, around this time, I sit back and reflect on my life. I think this is something we all do. We wonder how on Earth could it be December, and how did the months fly by so quickly. Did I achieve everything I had hoped to? Did I miss something important? And the biggest question, where am I going from here? These are just my musings on my past year. Perhaps you’ll see yourself in here, too.

The Frustration

• There are not enough hours in a day. How many times have you said this or heard it from someone? I always seem to wish for more time, knowing that is not a possibility. It creates frustration, which also clogs the brain cells!! I know creativity needs space to grow, what I fail to realize is that I have to accomplish this feat in the 24 hours I have been given. This is so frustrating!
• My health is always intruding on my writing time. I know many of you have this same issue and I feel for you. We need to figure out a plan to keep us active, especially our writing! Any ideas? Please share.

The Elation

• Yes, I experience elation all the time! That one poem or prose I finally finished, the editing of my book, and then publishing it. Time spent in a constructive way should always be uplifting. My soul needs this to continue to nurture everything that is me!
• I need to allow myself to be happy. I am my own worst enemy, there is no doubt about it. But I need to realize when others pay compliments to me, they are being genuine. Those five star reviews are a time to be jubilant (and boy was I ever!). I should never question why they wrote what they did, but simply bask in the elation I feel. I’ve earned it!

The Justification

• I did it. Be proud, stand tall. I got this! Looking back on my year, I discovered I published three books. Three! I can do this! This is the time to pat myself on the back. Yes, even you. It doesn’t have to be a book, it can be a piece published in a magazine, and new piece of music you wrote, even picking up your paintbrush after years of nothing. It can be anything you want it be.
• I need to give myself a break. Life is hard, especially if I’m trying to juggle family, work (any type) and my writing. I’m not Wonder Woman, but I am capable of being her anytime I want to be. As far I can see, we all fit into a super hero.
• I am here to serve a purpose. I am still mulling over what that purpose is, though I have come to conclusions on a bit of it. Think about it. I think you’ll be surprised to learn exactly what yours is.

It’s a big world out there, but oh! What a wonderful piece of it we are!!

How about you? What were your frustrations, elations and justifications for 2018? Comment below, or create your own post and link back to this one. Create a pingback or copy and paste your link into the comments. I look forward to reading how youl made it through another year.

With much love ❤