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She’s at it again, and up to no good
Sometimes I wish that she just would
Forget that I’m here, leave me alone
She really needs a place of her own

Sits there, all smug, that look on her face
A glimmer of hope, my one saving grace
A reminder I can do whatever I choose
Except when it comes to my pesky ole muse

Yes, she’s returned, and plopped herself down
In the back garden, atop a grass mound
Silly old girl, she doesn’t quite know
Tomorrow’s forecast, the weather said snow!

Perhaps, that is when she’ll leave me in peace
And her endless nagging will surely cease
But she’s smarter than that, of this I am sure
Puts on the act, makes you think she’s demure

I’m not falling for it, not again, not this time
Though not listening to her, would be a crime
She’s helped me get through, the toughest of spots
When my head really hurts and my stomach’s in knots

I suppose I’ll have to let her stay her for awhile
But to do so, is really a cramp in my style
I’m not disciplined, and that’s why she is here
I’ll be counting the seconds, until she disappears


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0