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Hidden beneath the waterfalls, pooling softly into streams; the tiniest little creatures, from deep below, it seems. They ride upon the ripples, waves that have no crest; gathering around the moss, tis where they make their nest. Basking in the light of day, blending with the green; guarding precious babies, they remain a sight unseen. There is no way to find them, only nature shows its face; the land is full of sweet delight, yet, cloaked in ethereal grace. A peacefulness has grown here, each shrub and tree provides; and the rocks are simply as they are, a path to the other side. Carefully step across them, lest you ruffle this sacred stream; do not splash too garishly, or you’ll disrupt my Earthly dream.


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent – Hidden