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Lurking behind the closet door
I see green eyes flash, in the light
Curiosity gets the better of me
And I investigate, into the night

I can’t seem to find whatever it was
That had me looking for it here
Maybe I’m imagining things
Lately, my mind hasn’t been very clear

I sit back on the fluffy pillows
Propped high upon my bed
And listen for any kind of noise
Seems I hear nothing instead

Then all at once, there it is,
The rumble that isn’t my tummy
Finally realizing what it could be
The sound now seems rather chummy

A charismatic feline steps into the room
Nonchalantly, leaps onto the bed
Rubs up against me, waves it tail
Then sits down near my frazzled head

I don’t remember having a cat
In fact I’m pretty sure I never did
But looks like this one’s here to stay
Lest I kick him out, God forbid!

I fluff up my pillow, and try to relax
Where did he come from, I don’t know
But when I go to lay down my head
The little rascal has stolen my pillow!


Author’s note:  Should a cute furry find its way to my home, I would never kick it out.  However, I am allergic to cats, so I would keep it, until I could find it a furrever home.

November Writing Prompt – Creatures of curiosity and charisma – Day 3/30

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0