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Seduced by her beauty, but never knew why
Her vision would taunt him, til the day he’d die
Thousands of time, in the course of an hour
Hester would visit, in visions quite dour
She spoke to his heart, he heard every word
He thought himself mad, then thought it absurd
Harold was never much of lady’s man, not he
He never dated, nor married, nor had a family
It didn’t occur to him, why this would be
The sight of sweet Hester, had caused misery
How no one would ever match her, the magic
When Harold found Hester had gone, how tragic
Left him for another, she disappeared in the night
Leaving the poor man, alone, with his plight
Soon, she returned, to again, start her seduction
He had to deal with his heart, her destruction
He turned her away, this act, quite condemning
And so it began, the haunting of Harold Hemmings


October Writing Prompt – The Haunting of Harold Hemmings – Day 31/31 – Another month has passed us by. I loved the prompts for October. Thanks so much, ~M!! On to November!

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0