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I’m excited to reveal the cover for my next book, “Short & not always Sweet“!  As you can probably surmise by the title, it is my first book of short stories.  I have included passages and poetic prose, to round out my writing.  Some of you will recognize the stories from Sue Vincent’s Thursday #writephoto, but there’s a catch.  The stories have been continued!  The book is in the editing stages now, and will be available soon (I hope).  Without further ado…

The back reads:

“Imagine yourself being lost in a faraway land, or sailing on a pirate ship.  Perhaps you’ll find yourself in a predicament, or a romantic rendezvous. From passages to longer, more detailed stories, these are writings that are sure to capture your imagination and evoke emotions, from sadness, to madness, to happiness and beyond.”

I look forward to releasing the book soon, and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you!

~ Dorinda ~

Cover Art ©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved