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There was something odd, on this moonlit night

I couldn’t figure it out, but it gave me a fright

The moon in the sky, a very curious shape

It looked like an egg, or maybe even a grape

When up in the tree, I saw an eerie red glow

Twas a gem, like a ruby, held on by a toe

The toe was attached to a spoopy old thing

Half bat and half bird, and it started to sing

I covered my ears, couldn’t handle the sound

Stepped back, lost my balance, fell to the ground

Looked up at this creature, as he laughed at me

How dare he do that, when he’s up in my tree?

Then it dawned on me, why the moon was strange

It wasn’t the moon, someone made an exchange

It was an egg, hatched an extraterrestrial being

I saw all I wanted, turned and ran, quickly fleeing


October Writing Prompt – Spastic and Spoopy – Day 17/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0