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Said the wicked old witch, to the fly on the wall
Your maggots are restless, won’t stop moving at all
I need them, to stir up, a batch of my brew
Tell them to calm down, for a moment or two

Said the fly on the wall, to the wicked old witch
You can do it yourself, with a lick and a stitch
If they don’t work out, then it best be forgotten
After all, these monsters, were all misbegotten

Still the fly had his price, it was all or nothing
Didn’t matter to him that his brood was abuzzin’
But the witch wanted quiet, to conjure her drink
With them making noise, she could barely think!

Trying to soothe over the old lady’s nerves
The maggots calmed down, landed, reserved
The witch was now happy, she shouted with glee
Finally! This is exactly how I need them to be

The witch got her purse, but the fly wanted double
Not able to agree, only caused them more trouble
With that, the witch, well, she’d had enough
And the fly on the wall… he’s now merely a scuff


October Writing Prompt – Maggoty Monsters – Day 15/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0