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Oh, so quaint, how the days pass us by

Lingering thoughts, always asking why

They did the things they did back then

And how come we don’t do it again

Times were so simple, weren’t they?

Farmer’s worked their fields of hay

Ladies donned their full length dresses

Sewing seams, all to impress us

Family time, because there was no cable

Music playing, on an old turntable

Mama served dinner, with all of us there

Passing the plates, we knew how to share

Times when we welcomed the days ahead

And said our prayers before going to bed

Not like today, heads down, no human contact

Phones speak for us, we live in a world, abstract

Of life in the twenty first century, where

People smile at you, but they really don’t care

About what it is they are truly missing

Til they spend their days, simply, reminiscing


Ragtag Daily Prompt: Quaint

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved