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Hi everyone,

I’m not sure what’s more frustrating.  Finding Walter in my spam folder, on WordPress, more times than in my notifications, or finding many of you in my spam folder in my Yahoo email, hence NO NOTIFICATIONS!!  I don’t always get a chance to use the reader (apparently, there are issues with this, too), so I rely on my emails to let me know you’ve posted something.

I discovered, yet again, that suddenly, Yahoo mail has decided to toss all emails from WordPress into my spam folder.  I was wondering why I hadn’t seen the emails from the blogs I follow. I apologize if I’ve missed any of your posts.  this is the second time they’ve done this.  For whatever reason, I have no idea what they’re doing.

If you use Yahoo mail, you might want to check your email spam to see if the same thing is happening to you.  You might be surprised.  Of course, if it’s happening to you, you may not even see this post!!

Also, be sure (comment-reply@wordpress.com) is in your contacts.  I’m not sure, at this point, if it matters anymore!!

Happy Spam Hunting!