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He had a graceful way
Of showing disrespect
So smooth was he
With such flippancy
This rascal of a gent

He made the ladies swoon
When he walked by
He caused them fraught
Just at the thought
That he might be Heaven sent

His friends all raved about him
Thought he was the cat’s meow
Nothing purr-fect, oh no!
It was all for show
In fact, he was more hell bent

On causing trouble, everywhere
His Mamma gave up trying
No one knew
What they could do
To tame his malcontent

The more they let him carry on
The more flippant he became
So fluent was he
With his smart-alecky
This young man, who would never relent


April Writing Prompt:  Fluently Flippant – Day 21/30

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
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