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I’m excited to announce, the second book in my Haiku series, Seasons ~ Winter Haiku, is now available on Amazon (in paperback only)!  I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!  The cover art is a photo I took this past winter (I’m hoping it has passed at this point!).  I’d be ever so grateful if you should decide to share/reblog.  I thank you kindly, in advance!   ❤

This book contains 50 haiku and is described as:

Winter ~ Colors fade away, changing from gray, into covered mounds of pure white snow. From December til March we brace for the lasting chill in the air, impatiently awaiting the first signs of warmth. The haiku in this book take you from the last days of autumn, through the blustery days of winter and into the hopeful days of spring ahead.

Here is the link for this book – Seasons ~ Winter Haiku – Book Two

This is the link for – Seasons ~ Autumn Haiku – Book One