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Hi there, do you remember me?
I was once that big old tree

The one that grew so very tall
Or was it you were very small?

I love that I still have a purpose
And didn’t wind up in a furnace!

A piece, which makes me feel worthwhile
So you can come and sit and smile

When you rest your weary feet
Upon my very sturdy seat

I sigh, when people look at me, from afar
Do they see me, or not know where they are?

But I would like to see you here
To be my friend, oh, won’t you, dear?

Come on now, please don’t be afraid
I won’t break, it’s not how I’m made

I’m strong, like that other tree
The one that even looks like me

Perhaps one day, he too will find
He has a purpose, just like mine

But til he does, it’s just me, you see
Sitting in the park, with my family


Photo and Poem ©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved