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He walks around, drink in his hand
Jack in his glass, Jill by his side
Likes to make people think he’s the man
Nobody notices, he takes it in stride

Armani tux, bow tie, overdressed
Seems money’s no object, a toy
She wore Versace, no one’s impressed
Still played her part, being coy

A boring affair is never that good
Makes minds start to wander and stare
Across the room, she tipped her glass
Jack smiled, the devil beware

She broke away, to powder her nose
He caught her eye, with a glance
Jill knew something was terribly wrong
He knew, he was taking a chance

Told her he needed another
Left Jill standing there, alone
Watched as he went in another direction
‘Twas then that her heart turned to stone

Tried to secretly meet in the hallway
Too late, they got caught in the act
Jack tried to plead for both of their lives
But Jill didn’t care, that’s a fact

Two shots rang out, she didn’t miss
Their bodies lie dead on the floor
Arrested for murder, gun in her hand
Said she just couldn’t take anymore


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0