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They claim that curiosity
Is not too kind to kitty
Seems most humans don’t know much
Yes, the cat is clever, and witty

Curiosity knows nothing
About our inquisitive feline friends
They have nine lives, no more, no less
Their story just transcends

Their truly natural instincts
Are what cause them most dismay
But there is just one more thing
That keeps them most at bay

A kitty’s life may vary
All depends on who they own
That’s right, no human ever
Sat upon their kitty’s throne

For your cat’s the boss, no doubt
Tis why they strut around the house
Aloof, is their demeanor
While they’re stalking that damn mouse

So let them do as they deem right
Lest they label you a rat
Perhaps, it’s then, you’ll realize
Curiosity, never killed the cat


Writing Prompt – Killing Curiosity – Day 11/30

©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0