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Hello my friends,

As most of you know, my mom fell, breaking her wrist, and is staying with me. Last night, it was my turn in the ER. I fell in a rather bizarre way. I’m laughing about it now but I wasn’t last night.

I was attempting to get up from siting on the floor with Alyssa. My right wrist snapped back, I went down and hit my head on her shoulder. I have now registered said shoulder as a lethal weapon. So off to the hospital we went.

To make a long story short, although the doc said she saw what could be a fracture, and proceeded to splint/cast my wrist, the radiologist called this morning to tell me there was no fracture. It’s just very badly sprained. Phew.

On that happy note, I shall give my wrist a rest. My posts will be sporadic.  Hope to see you soon. 😊

❤️ Dorinda