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Ah, Spam, don’t waste your love on somebody, who doesn’t value it (sorry, Shakespeare).

No, I’m not talking about that disgusting canned stuff that campers (like my husband) keep in case of an emergency (no emergency could get me to eat that). I’m speaking of the delightful fun of checking our spam comments. You see, the need to do so arises because some of our followers wind up in there (tsk tsk Akismet). We can only hope they realize we are not ignoring them. So without further ado….

Apparently I have a great deal of knowledge pertaining to dreaming. This from someone who seldom sleeps, if dreams. I’m amused. I also use green seaweed in my salad. That could attribute to the fresh content, but no, appears I don’t have that either. Maybe purchasing generic Cialis or Viagra would perk up my blog. That should get a rise out of it, don’t ya think? And who knew? I totally missed the donation button option because so many people claim they would definitely donate to my blog. To think, I could be a millionaire without writing a word! And last but certainly not least, if I ever give up writing (not a chance) I can always become a porn star. 😉

And so ends this entry on the most ludicrous things you can find when sifting through spam. Hope this gave you a giggle as I certainly had a good time, especially wondering what these people do in real life!!

To all of you, thank you so very much for your wonderful comments.  I love them all, and you, too!!  ❤