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Legend has it, he’s watching you

Hiding in the verdant hue

Of leaves and flora, a hanging limb

That gather round, disguising him

At first you think, it’s just a stone

That lines the path, up to your home

Until you take a closer view

There’s someone looking back at you

Stumbling backward, up the hill

You notice that he’s staring, still

You shake your head and blink your eyes

But this really comes as no surprise

To see a soul, though inanimate, it’s true

Rocks have feelings, they most certainly do


Author’s Note: Hubby spotted this rock looking back at us the other night.  It has been there for years, 26 to be exact, and we never noticed the face.  I wonder who it could be watching over us   ❤

Photo and Poem ©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved