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Author’s Note:  For those living in the states, I’m sure you’re aware of the government shutdown in New Jersey, just in time for the holiday weekend.  It’s so disappointing.  These are just my feelings toward what’s going on.

Dear Mr. Governor
And I use the term quite loosely
There’s something very wrong here
And I say this quite profusely

You’ve shut down government offices
Sent the people off on furlough
Just how will they feed their families?
We’d really like to know

You’ve closed the state run beaches
As the height of the season begins
But your family gets to play on them
Much to our chagrin

I hope you enjoy your holiday
On the sand, and in the waves
Just keep in mind, we’re watching
So you best not misbehave

And to think you want to use
A surplus from Horizon
To cover up another mess
It’s really not surprising

Forget about renewing
Your license or registration
The DMV is also closed
Due to government regulation

Stop blaming all your carelessness
On the others that surround you
It’s time to stand up like a man
Take the blame for what’s around you

Our state has lost the stature
Where once we shouted, proud
Thanks to this political bickering
New Jersey’s mocked out loud

Your record with the people
Has hit an all-time low
I’m sure I’m not alone to say
It’s definitely time to go

By this I mean we’ve lost
Any respect we may have had
Shame on you, for messing up
As governor, you’re really bad


©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via The Daily News (Mel Evans/AP)