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She tossed her bag into the back seat, got in and looked around. Something seemed so unfamiliar, yet she couldn’t quite place it. She sat there, somewhat confused by the objects that lay in front of her. She got back out, looked over at me and gasped “This isn’t my car!” I felt for the elderly woman, knowing she was quite befuddled by what had just happened. She removed her bag, closed the doors and went to the next car over. Same routine, only this time it was her car. She waited for the woman, who owned the first car, to exit, merely to tell her what had happened. I saw compassion in the younger woman’s eyes, as she smiled and said it was okay, and not to worry.

I’m telling you this because it was wonderful to see someone show compassion to the elderly. We tend to forget they are human, too. I don’t know who the ladies were, but there was a reason they were to meet today…only God really knows why.

~Dorinda ~

Photo via Pixabay CC0