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Life seems quite empty now
The pages glued together
Unable to turn to chapter two
I’m lost in the land of never

Not like Peter, no, not he
This place was something more
A hollowed piece of a broken heart
Swept away, like the ocean shore

You took the shattered parts
And flung them to the side
Tossed away my feelings
Cared nothing for my pride

I tried so hard to forget you
No matter how deep the pain
Finding myself beside the window
I cry alone, again, with the rain

Your flowers, laid so carefully
On the rocks so far below
Your way of saying goodbye to me
Funny, I was the last to know

I’ve lost the will to carry on
But they say, I must go on living
And finally come to grips, the facts
This simply was my misgiving


©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0