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The sound, thunderous, like a storm unbridled. I held my head in my hands to stop the pain. It didn’t work, as the harder I pressed my fingers to my temples, the stronger the pounding became. I tried burying myself under a pillow, perhaps it would muffle the noise. I tried a different room. The sound dissipated, but only slightly, becoming a rather obnoxious thud, a cacophony of war drums, incessant and ceaseless. I dared to release my hands from my head and journey back into the other room, hoping the echoing had subsided and I could return to the peaceful silence I had before, but alas, there it was. That irritating rhythm, that knocking, that, now, what the ….? Who’s yelling?? Who’s yelling?!!


Hello!! Anyone home? Pizza delivery!

©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0