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Although it became quite misty, I was able to get some shots of  last night’s penumbral lunar eclipse.  I hope you enjoy  🙂

This is the full moon, known as the Snow Moon, coming up over the mountain, roughly 5:50PM EST 2/10/17

img_3559The full moon with a subtle sign of the eclipse.  Look lower left corner to see the Earth’s shadow.  Approx: 6:25 PM EST 2/10/17

img_3563It was getting very hazy but you can still see the eclipse partially covering the left side of the moon.  Approx: 7:15PM EST 2/10/17

img_3564 While the haze still lingered, you can now see the soft shadow of the penumbral eclipse of the full moon.  Approx: 7:50 PM EST 2/10/17

img_3582The last picture isn’t so great but it still shows the amazing beauty of our celestial bodies.  ❤

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