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Be sure to scroll down to see G’s adventure 🙂

img_3485Hi there, remember me?  I’m Gandolph (the gray).  My human named me that.  I’m sitting up here, in the snow, waiting for lunch 🙂

img_3493Finally!  OK, I hope no one noticed I took more than my share.  Darn, there’s that human behind the camera.  Looks like she caught me, again….

Ouch!  Poked my nose!! Can’t they buy shelled peanuts??!!  You who, human, no more shells, please!

OK, last one!  Om nom nom.  That is until I jump off this wall and go get more!  Till next time..

Love Gandolph the Gray (Squirrel)  🙂

Photographer’s note:  For those who don’t know Gandolph, hubby named him that.  He’s my buddy and will actually listen to me when I tell him it’s ok to get a peanut.  I love my backyard and all the critters that come with it 🙂

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