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Will they see their shadow
Or will the sun remain at bay
Will there be an early spring
Or will the groundhogs run away?

Punxsutawney’s waiting
Staten Island’s waiting, too
Phil and Chuck are scheming
About what they should do

For if they see their shadows
They’ll run back into their burrow
Six more weeks of winter comes
Thanks to these furry fellows

But wait! It doesn’t matter
If their shadows show or not
It’s six more weeks of winter
No matter how you stir the pot

We could have an early spring
That would be quite nice
But if the cold continues
We’ll be frozen, just like ice

Let’s hope the sun stays hidden
So they come out to play
And we can clap and cheer like fools
On this second February day


Β©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0