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patient1-1000x772Hello Friends,

You may have noticed (or not :/ ), that I have been remiss in replying to your comments, as well as commenting on your posts.  I do apologize, but it is with good reason.  If you read my poem from today, “Overwhelmed“, you’ll get a feel from where I’m coming from.  I apologize, and am slowly catching up with everyone, a little at a time.  I am also battling some health issues, which I do not like to dwell on, but have been more of a nuisance than not, and as such, I am away from my keyboard more than I’d like to be.  Please be patient with me.  I love reading your posts, it will just take me a bit longer.

A side note ~ if you have a twitter account, please make sure your twitter ID is filled in on the Sharing page (settings -> sharing).  I also use this as a way of telling you I loved the piece I read, especially when I don’t have time to comment!!

Love you all,