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Raindrops fell in white crystalline shapes, softly floating down to touch upon the earth. Barren trees shivered, now that they had shed their autumn coats. Yes, winter was here, with its cold and its frost, and its snow. Mostly snow, like confectioner’s sugar coating the land, yet, not so sweetly. This was the time to gather the sleds, find the hills, and fly!! No cares for what lied at the bottom, just laughter from the top down. And when we were completely exhausted, homeward bound it was, massive snowball fights until we reached the front door. Waiting patiently, with snuggles, was mom, who would wrap us in a big soft blanket. Oh and the hot chocolate!! The perfect ending, drinking a big, steaming cup of liquid manna. I preferred whipped cream, others marshmallows, but it didn’t matter to any of us. We were happy, warm, and most importantly, loved. Now tucked into bed, with a goodnight kiss, we closed our eyes and dreamed of our tomorrows.


During this holiday season, I am thankful for the many childhood memories that have carried me through my life, my children’s lives and hopefully generations yet to come  🙂