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Yet, day turned to night
And the stone kept its place
As Mary now slept
Stained with tears, on her face

When she finally awakens
She rushes to see
The stone has been moved
The tomb, now empty

The soldiers, bewildered
Still groggy from sleep
Blaming the faithful
For stealing their keep

The crowd no longer fazed
By the threat of the sword
Rejoice in their knowing
Yes! He is the Lord

Mary calls to a man
Who is walking along
Asks if he knows
Where Jesus has gone

She begs him again
She must know His fate
“Where have they taken Him?
Please! Before it’s too late!”

As He turns to face her
She knows, right away
Yes, He is Arisen!
On this Glorious Day


Part 2

©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved