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Gathered round this old tree
So many tales to tell
Whispering the journeys
Of the ones it knows so well

Tied about its weathered limbs
Knotted cotton laces
If you look closely at them all
You’ll surely see the faces

Of children laughing merrily
While dancing in the sun
Barefooted in the meadow grass
Until the day is done

Then late at night when all is calm
And no one’s round to hear
The elfin folk gather soles
Then quickly disappear

They carry them throughout the woods
To those who need them more
Gently placing each worn pair
Outside a cottage door

Then back into the forest
Before the morning light
Where they must wait impatiently
To return again at night


This poem was inspired by Belinda’s, of Busy Mind Thinking, photograph, and her thoughts about the shoes that have been disappearing.  I hope I did it justice 🙂  Thank you, B, for allowing me to use your photo and run with it!! ❤

©2016 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo: ©Belinda Goddard – Used with Permission