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Hi there.  Most of you know that my blog is award free.  My friend, Thomas of Hook, Line & Inkwell, nominated me for this award.  The funny part about it was  he was nominated for it, too!!  I guess we’re all brothers/sisters/sisters/brothers  in this blogosphere we sometimes call home!  I thought the questions were interesting, so I decided to accept this one.  Please forgive me for not nominating anyone.  If I could I would nominate all of you!!


The Rules

1. Say “Thank You” to the person who nominated you & link their blog to your post.
2.Answer the 10 questions given to you.
3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.
4. Include the Award Badge in your post.

OK, here goes!  These are the questions Thomas asked me

1. What made you want to start your blog?
It’s more like who, not what.  I had a dear friend who always told me I should be writing.  Along with pushes from my family, I began my blog.  It wasn’t always poetry, but that is where my heart is.

2. What have you wanted to do on your blog but haven’t yet? Why not?
Hmmm, interesting question.  I am in the process of writing a novel and thought about sharing a paragraph, here and there, but haven’t gotten the courage up to do so.

3. Name one item on your bucket list, or more if you like?
I want to see the Northern Lights.  The aurora borealis is one of the most spectacular natural displays of color.

4. What is your biggest fear?
I have a few, but I think it’s failure.  That, and spiders, not sure which one is worse.

5. What is your best moment in life?
I have two! They’re called Jonathan and Alyssa.  My children are my shining stars.

6. With New Years fast approaching, do you make resolutions? If so, name one. If not, why don’t you like to make them?
I’m not a big fan of resolutions.  I don’t want to make them then break them.  It’s just easier to not do.

7. If you could host a challenge on your blog, what kind would it be?
I don’t know if I could actually host this, per se, but I would challenge my fellow bloggers to challenge themselves, to write more, to make more time to write, and let the emotions flow.

8. What was the name of your first pet? What do you remember the most about them?
I had a German Shepherd named Fluffy.  She was a terror!  Chewed everything in sight.  Eventually, Mom gave her to a nice farmer who took very good care of her.

9. Did you ever go to a high school reunion? Was it fun or not?
No and I don’t plan on it.  Anyone I care to see, I still do.  That may sound a bit self-centered, but let’s face it, with Facebook today, you’re in contact with everyone anyway.  I don’t need to go to a “party” where everyone is checking their phones, I can stay home for that. 🙂

10. Do you have a pet peeve?
Just one? LOL  I have a few.  Bad spelling/grammar, smokers, gum chewers who snap their gum & people who chew with their mouths open!  However, the biggest by far is the comment people make, “You look fine”.  Never ever assume that someone’s illness or condition is supposed to look like anything.  Did I cover enough?


Now you know a bit about me, just a bit 🙂  Thank you again, Thomas, for nominating me for this award.  I hope I did you proud. 🙂