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Ten little fingers
Ten little toes
A beautiful face
With a cute button nose

As daddy you’ll always be
Baby’s first love
She’s precious, you see
A gift from above

Hold on to that little girl
As long as you can
The time flies by quickly
No wait…another man

Before you know it
You’re walking that aisle
Seems it goes on forever
Mile after mile

You hand her to him
She kisses your cheek
“Thank you, Daddy”
Is all she can speak

She stands with her new love
Her face is aglow
He’s holding her now
And not letting go

As she begins her new life
You wonder if she
Will remember the days
She bounced on your knee

The memories made
It’s all been a whirl
But she’ll always remain
Daddy’s little girl

©2014 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved