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It’s almost that time, where the goblins and ghouls come out to wreak havoc on unsuspecting trick or treaters.   This brings me back to the better days.  The days when your parents helped you get dressed in your costume, gave you a sack, a bucket, whatever vessel it was, to hold your candy, and off you went.  You met up with friends and took the neighborhood by storm.  A time when Mom & Dad didn’t have to worry where you were after sunset.  You knew what time you had to be in or in my case; my Dad’s two-finger whistle alerted the whole neighborhood it was time to come home.  We all flocked to Mrs. S’s house because she had caramel apples and no one ever thought about a razor blade inside.  Try that today…


Times have changed so drastically.  We are in post 9/11 mode on a constant daily basis.  We think twice before the children go out to play.  Where are they going?  Are the other parents home?  Have we gone over the “rules” enough that they remember?  Today, play dates & house parties are the norm.  Children are dropped off at a friend’s, with a specific time to be picked up.  Less worry for concerned parents.

Halloween used to be one of my favorite holidays.  Used to be.  No longer can we trust that our children’s safety is not at risk.  No longer can we allow our children to eat their candy without first checking the packaging.   This takes away from the fun of going door to door and passing the word about  who has the best candy.  From hearing all the other adults ooh and ahh over the little three year old dressed like Cinderella. From being a kid.

Sadly, we’re lucky if we get two dozen trick or treaters at our house.  Years ago, we had hundreds.

So, remember, on this Halloween, please drive safely.  Watch out for little ones, whose parents took the time to take them out and give them the experience we all had and yes, even the teenagers who are roaming the streets after dark.

Have a Safe & Happy Halloween.

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