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Rosie loved to visit, the old woman, at the bakery shop

Down the road she’d scurry, sometimes she’d even hop

She wanted to be the first, to grab her favorite tart

One covered with whipped cream, and raspberries, in a heart

Every day, ole Gertie, would try to sell her another

But Rosie, would have none of it, this was for her mother

Perhaps a blueberry tart, or prune, how would that do?

Pineapple, or strawberry, or maybe something new?

How about blackberry, or maybe she’d like to try this?

No, she said, shaking her head, the raspberries, she’d insist!

Gertie understood, as Rosie eyed the confectionery

“All tarts may be yummy, but not all tarts are raspberry”



May Writing Prompts – Not All Tarts are Raspberry – Day 14/31

©2019 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay