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The only light that shined in the darkened hallway, was a tiny bulb plugged into the wall. It created an eerie aura against the raindrops which clung against the window pane. Milly hated when the sky cried. She always felt drawn into whatever unpleasantry it had to offer. Tonight, was no different. The house seemed much colder, a chill she had not felt in a long time. Walking toward her bedroom door, she could feel a presence, something Milly felt often but always ignored, thinking it was her imagination in the ebony night. This was quite different, as a feeling of uneasiness fell over her. She turned, glancing down the hallway behind her and saw nothing.

She took a few more steps and felt the cold increasing, seeping into her bones. It was then she knew he was there. His presence, in a dimly lit house, frightened her more than when he lived there. Robert had passed several years ago, a death she welcomed. She was finally free of his torturous ways, until now. He made his way back into her life, even if it was from the other side. He wasn’t the type of man to find Heaven, she was sure he had gone straight to Hell, and now he was haunting her. Shaking her head, she thought herself silly for even imagining such a thing.

Determined to put this behind her, she continued to her bedroom. She desired nothing more than to be left alone. She hesitated entering the room, but, before she could turn and run, a hand took hold of her, snapping her inside. The cold, was coming from the window, now wide open, the brisk winter air flooding her sanctuary. Her eyes were shut, she couldn’t bear to open them, perchance she would see that face again. She tried to run, but was tethered by his strong grip. Screaming to let go, Milly was sobbing, praying he would not try to take her life again. But she couldn’t fight anymore.  She succumbed to his strength, and fell to the floor. She knew death was the only way she could escape him. But he knew death was the only way he could keep her…


October Writing Prompt – Dim desires – Day 11/31

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0