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I am lost in a place filled with open spaces, and decorated with stone pillars which mark the way down a long hall, dark, yet bright. Still, I cannot figure out where this is taking me, endlessly walking down a corridor of unlit lights, and dull concrete; weathered by what, I do not know.

A glint of light, a reflection, catches my eye and I gingerly walk toward it, but the closer I get, the farther away it becomes; an ever changing labyrinth of light and mirrors; playing games with my eyes. Or is it just my imagination, a trick of some sort to make me think I have lost my mind.

Walking closer still, I notice walls around me, walls that were not there, or were they? Perhaps I am losing my mind in this maze. I turn back, hoping to find my way to some sense of reality. Taking one more turn, I see the glint of light once more, this time it seems closer. Determined to discover exactly what it is, I run toward it, and as I finally reach it, it’s gone.

All that is left is my reflection in a pane of glass, and a door leading onward. Unsure of why, I open the door….and disappear.


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©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent