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A weary traveler followed the light
Down this road he had walked for miles
How can the sun arise in the night?
Still the orb, up ahead, did beguile

Eerie clouds hovered around, in the air
Formed circles, in an ominous mist
He stopped to shade his eyes from the glare
Watched, as the dark and light coexist

Bewildered by what he was seeing
He must try to decide, should he go
Or turn back, he’d be perceived as fleeing
What that would mean, he didn’t know

The light in the sky had entranced him
He must continue on the path ahead
Lest this be perceived as only a whim
So, further down, alone, he did tread

Stopped again, by this big old tree
It was one he’d never seen there before
It glowed in the night, with stars, carefree
Twas then, he couldn’t take anymore

He picked up his pace for a moment
Tried to hurry, to reach the hillside
On the last of this journey, a bestowment
With the moon, he’d now safely abide


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0