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The sun beat down on the vegetation that edged along the stream. At the crest of that pathway, a large stone, held its ground. I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance of a face. I could clearly make out the nose protruding from the side I could see from my vantage point. It gave me the feeling it was watching me. I pondered whether I should move closer, but the water was blocking my direct path. I would have to journey around to the other side to get a better look.

The land was harsh, although different bushes decorated it. Some of the underbrush looked as if it hadn’t seen water for ages. Yet there was a stream, or was it? Maybe it was just a puddle of water and I was taking the long way around for no reason. The only way to know is if I had checked first. But what if I fell in? I was alone, and surely not dressed for a swim.

The sky was a vibrant azure blue, with white, puffy clouds the only thing between the sun and me. The heat was beginning to get to me, I had to reach the rock before I passed out from exhaustion. The rock was much bigger than it appeared, but I was also much farther away before than I was now. The back was very different. From where I stood, it just looked like a large stone. A rather top heavy one, at that. How on Earth did it not topple over?

I finally made my way up to the top of the path. Hesitant to walk around, for fear I was not hallucinating when I thought I saw a face, I gathered my courage and began to circle the stone. The ground felt a bit unsteady. Or maybe that was just me and my wobbly legs. It struck me just how tired I was having to traverse the mountainside in an odd way. I came around to the front and was met with two eyes staring back at me. Deep, dark eyes, like large black orbs, fixated on me. I jumped back, and caught a glimpse of a small smile, hiding under the piece of stone which was its nose. What had I come upon?

I sat down on the smaller stone, near the base of the face. I studied the features, almost Egyptian in its form, as the sides of the stone mimicked an Egyptian king’s headdress. But I wasn’t in Egypt so this was quite perplexing. Again, the ground shook. It couldn’t possibly be an earthquake, although nothing would surprise me right now. As I placed my hands on the stone, and followed the etched shapes on it, the air changed. There was an electricity to it, a spiritual feeling. Perhaps the spirits had come to welcome me to their sacred place. I closed my eyes and let them into my soul, and in doing so, became one with the stone. I could feel its heavy heart, its loneliness, and its longing, to be recognized as something more than an inanimate object. I promised I would relay this message to all who would listen…did you listen? Did you hear the stone’s soul crying out? No? Open your heart and listen again. Believe me, you will hear it.


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Photo ©Sue Vincent