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When it was time to leave the beach, I told them all to go to their hotel rooms, shower (yes, like talking to my kids all over again), and dress nicely. They were to meet me in the hotel restaurant. I needed to speak to them, together.

I took the time away from them to gather my thoughts. I needed to let them know they had to shape up or I was shipping them back to Jersey. I suppose just being blunt about it should do it. I couldn’t be concerned with hurt feelings. I had a job to do and I needed to get it done by the 31st. A deadline is a deadline. And my job depended on meeting it.

We were seated at a lovely table for four. The restaurant was quiet, which made what I had to do a bit easier but also a bit awkward. There was really no background noise to drown me out a bit. There were only a few other tables occupied with couples, and way too may waiters for such a slow night. Speaking of, here comes ours now. Excuse me, I need to place my order.

We ordered, drinks first. I stuck to my usual Diet Coke. I had to keep a clear head in this. Mildred had red wine, and the men had beer. Once we were settled with that, I began my talk.

“It’s been over 11 days since we started this quest for the diabolical ~M. Look where we are!”

“Wisconsin?” asked Cory.

Once again, I found myself trying to keep my cool, not because I was panicked. This time I was pissed.

“Of course we’re in Wisconsin!” I snarled. “Seriously, Cory?”

He looked at me like my head exploded, which I’m pretty sure it would in a matter of time. I took a sip of my Coke and continued, “We are nowhere. ~M has outsmarted us too many times then I care to count…”


“Excuse me?” eyes glaring at Fred.

“3 times”

That was it. I blew my stack. “Enough is enough!!” I screamed at them. “You three couldn’t boil water the right way if you tried! I’m done with you. I have decided to call in another agent to assist in the apprehension of ~M.”

“No!” “Wait” “You can’t” went the chorus of voices jumbled together. By this time the others in the restaurant had stopped eating because they were all watching me blow a gasket. I readjusted my chair, and sat back, picked up my soda and slammed it back like a shot. Too bad it wasn’t. I could sure use one right now! Somewhat more calm, I explained to them who I was bringing in and why. They pleaded with me to give them another chance, promising not to screw around anymore. I knew they needed their jobs, and sending them back home without an approval rating from me was a sure death sentence from the chief. I have a soft heart, what can I say. I agreed. But one goof up and they were done. I was still bringing in the other agent. To say they were not very happy about my choice, was putting it mildly. We’d have to wait and see exactly what would happen once he arrived.


Stay tuned for more from this crime solving wordsmith…


July Writing Prompt – Enough is Enough – Day 13/31

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