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I could feel the cool mist of the ocean upon my face. As the waves cascaded in, onto the sand beneath my feet, I watched as the morning haze crept slowly in, hiding the secrets of the waters beyond. Rocks, piled, far enough away from the shoreline, seemed to hold their own secrets, neither of which was willing to share with me. So I sat, quietly between the two and inhaled the salty air, clean and crisp, awakening the daydreamer in me.

Closing my eyes, I envisioned the ships in the distance, sails held high on their masts. Each vessel, a different flag, each ship, a different journey. I imagined myself aboard, leaning on the deck railing, soaking in the sun. As each wave crashed against the hull, tiny sea creatures clung to the sides, as if they were holding on for dear life.

It was then I realized I was doing exactly the same thing. Holding on, waiting for what would happen next, and as the soft surf enveloped me again, then washed out to sea, I watched, wide-eyed, as it returned to the depths, ever in search of its own new path.





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