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The sky awakens, chasing the night with an aura of beauty. Clouds, soak in the colors, of oranges, purples and a hint of pink, drawing you to the rising of another day. Though, not all is bright and cheery here.

Tucked away in the forest, hidden in the dark, they gather. Creatures who dare not venture into the light, for fear their hearts would be forever hardened. They have been caught in a web of blackened hopelessness. Still, they watch, as the sun rises higher, with an azure blue background its canvas. How they wish they could paint their world this way. As the day grows, they sink deeper into the forest, deeper into their darkness, knowing how unsafe it is to think otherwise.

But, there is one, one who dares defy the laws made by the elders. She refuses to believe anyone should live in the dark. She remains near the forest edge, determined to prove the others wrong. Determined to know there is nothing to fear from the sun. The others try to pull her back to the safety of the pitch, but she refuses. They run, back to the ebony core from which they came, and anxiously await the return of Mya. She does not come back, and they fear she has succumbed to the light, which has hardened her heart and her being.


Near the forest edge, a small child plays in the grass covered meadow. She dances freely with the sun and clouds, rejoicing in the palette painted just for her eyes. She is no longer afraid, the only remorse is that she may not see her loved ones again. They will never join her here, for they fear the world beyond the wooded palace they call home. Yet, she has proven to herself that the light is good, the elders wrong, and life can continue beyond the edges of darkness.

Wondering what has become of her, Mya’s family journeys out to have a look. With trepidation, they near the end of the forest, and stop. In the distance they can hear a small child giggling, they see her jumping about with the morning birds, and they watch as she plays, without hesitation, in the sunlight. Could the elders be wrong? Is there promise as the sun awakens in the morning? Venturing out, into the light of day, Mya’s family joins her and she is overjoyed. Soon the elders make their way to the glen, stepping slowly, still afraid, until Mya pulls one of them out with her, still giggling as she does so.

With a sigh of relief, Father Troll delights in the chance to dance with the morning sun, as the rest of the village follows. Frolicking in the light, it is the beginning of new life for those who once believed the dark was their only hope.





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