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We are but mere bones in the catacombs of life. Laid out for all to see, we eventually fade away, back into the earth from which we came. I spent the latter part of my life in the earth, digging empty spaces, carefully placing the others who had passed before me, hoping one day, someone would do the same for me. Apparently, they have because I now lie here, naked, though carefully placed on a soft blanket and set inside a marble palace.  I was once a king, dethroned for my acts, sentenced to a life of hard times, until my death released me.

I am comfortable here. It’s so quiet, and a bit lonely, though. There are no other bones with which I could play with, no other jaws to hear clatter as the moles run about through them. Sigh. No, it’s just me in here. I think I hear noise coming from the other side of the marble but since I am dead, I cannot ask who’s there. So I wait. Maybe they have come to check on me, to make sure I am intact and still comfortable. But the marble is fused together. There is no way in nor out

Alas, I am truly a king, in my own castle, and it is here I shall remain, for all eternity.





©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent