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Each Tuesday (unless i forget), I will be sharing a short story, over several parts.  When one ends, I will begin another the following week.  I hope you enjoy!   🙂


When I awakened, I found myself alone. At least I hoped I was alone. I could make out some of the objects in the room. This only meant there had to be a light source of some kind coming in, perhaps from under the door. I gave my eyes a chance to adjust, hoping they wouldn’t play tricks on me. Finally! I could see the room, the furniture, and jumped for joy when nothing occupied the chair but an old blanket. This had to be a nightmare, right?

But it wasn’t. Just as I let my guard down a bit, his laughter filled the room. A sinister, barbaric laugh that sent chills throughout my body. I made no attempt to get any closer to the door, where, in fact, some light was trickling through. It was opening, slowly, but opening. Do I try to make my escape? Something inside of me said “run!’, but my feet wouldn’t move. I was doomed by my own trepidation.

A glint of light caught my eye. Something flashed against the silver doorknob, and was gone. Must be my eyes playing tricks with me. I didn’t think they could adjust any more than they had, so I gave in to the fact that I was seeing things. But I definitely heard something. It wasn’t the housekeeper, he had closed the door and continued laughing down the hallway. Who or what, something was in the room with me, and this time it wasn’t the mouse.

As I turned to get a sense of direction from the noise, I saw her. Not her. Me. Wielding a knife and coming right at me! I had no place to run. She had me cornered, I mean I had me cornered. I had no idea what was happening, only that at any given moment, I was going to die, and my fate lied in my own hands. But it didn’t matter what I thought. The knife came down and pierced my heart, blood rushing to the surface, covering my hand as I tried to stop it. I wasn’t going to make it out alive. It was then I realized, my own fear had killed me.


The End


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0