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The story had been told long ago, and on this day it would come to fruition. She felt herself falling apart, bits and pieces burning up her insides. She didn’t know it would feel this way, praying she could make it stop. But it had been written, nothing mattered anymore. Little by little, she sank, closer to the ground, her body giving in and giving up, to a world she had, for so many years, seen through dark times.

The mountains would hide her demise, but many would still see how she gave up on them. Unwilling to share herself with the day, twilight was the time she chose. She felt it worked best. Slowly, she made her way behind the mountain tops, and in a burst of flame and smoke, she extinguished her life. Fire burned, her final light, as the Earth grew dark forever more.






©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo ©Sue Vincent