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I found myself lost in a forest that banked against a river. It was frightfully hot that day, and walking around in circles wasn’t helping the situation. The humidity made my dress cling to me in a rather awkward way, and if I ever hoped to get out of this mess, I needed to find a way to make me look more presentable. So I kept walking, until I noticed I was slowly inching my way closer to the water. The water was too inviting to resist, and so, in I walked. If I thought my dress was clingy before, it surpassed that in an instant.

I was immediately drenched from simply entering the flowing river, every ripple of water cascading over my legs. As I walked, the forest grew denser and I could see numerous trees had met their untimely death. I could also see the water rising higher. Looking for a place to climb out, I headed for the large branch lazily floating in the river. But the harder I tried to get to it, the farther away it got. I was caught in a swirling eddy that was pulling me down, deeper into the murky water. I decided I would need to take my gown off in order to fight against the currents. Fumbling, I was in a hurry, I finally managed to get the darn thing off.

It was then I noticed a group of people, who had gathered for a picnic, in the cut out along the river. All eyes were on me, as mothers scurried to shield their children. I couldn’t think of anything better to do, so I waved, smiled and said have a nice day, and continued walking downstream, the water now up to my neck.

I never did find my way out of the forest. My gown washed up, on the river bank, downstream. I was nowhere to be found…


The Daily Post: Awkward

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