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Each Tuesday (unless i forget), I will be sharing a short story, over several parts.  When one ends, I will begin another the following week.  I hope you enjoy!   🙂

It quietly sneaked in. The haze grew, as twilight approached, and night fell on this quiet little town. A hint of sunlight played in a few white clouds, but mostly, the light faded away. A flutter of a breeze took me by surprise, as did the rain that began to splash on my face. Looking up, as most others do when hit by random water drops, I thought I saw something in the sky. I stared a bit longer, and decided it must be the clouds, moving with the winds, across the heavens.

I continued my walk, picking up the pace as the rain became more of a steady shower. Again, the wind kicked up, with a fury that could have picked me up and transplanted me across town. I found myself running for cover, not sure exactly where but not really caring either. I came upon an old house on the side of the road, one I was sure I had never seen before. I ran up to the door, rang the bell, without even a thought of my own safety, other than finding shelter from whatever storm had decided to arrive without warning.

I rang the bell again, and as the sky let out this tremendous clap of thunder, the door slowly opened. There, in the shadows of candlelight, stood an old man. I use the term loosely, because, he was barely standing at all. An angry look on his face took me by surprise. I explained my predicament, asking only to use the phone to call my friend for a ride. He looked at me, looked at the sky, now filled with flashes of lightning, and slowly stepped away from the door, allowing me to pass through.

I turned to ask where the phone was, and found myself alone in a dark and musty room. He was gone. Maybe he had gone to get the phone for me. I waited. And as I did, I could feel a heaviness in the air. I had no idea where I was, only a sinking feeling I wasn’t getting out anytime soon…


To be continued…


©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0